Privacy Notice
Norton Family Privacy Notice
Effective: August 30, 2016

Purpose and Scope
This Privacy Notice explains what data Symantec collects or processes from You, the “Parent,” and Your “Children,” based on your privacy preferences, what we do with this data when You use the Norton Family client software and Norton Family or Norton Family Premier services (“Norton Family”) and applies to data collected through or related to Your use of Norton Family. Your child cannot use our Service to make his or her Personal Information publicly available. Unless otherwise specified, this Privacy Notice does not apply to any other products/services or to data collected in any other way (online or offline) or for any other purpose. To view the Complete Online Privacy Statement, please click here.

Norton Family Privacy Notice
To sign up for Norton Family, Your information must be provided to set-up a Norton Account. The information requested during the set-up of Norton Family is not mandatory, but we can only protect the information that is provided. Symantec will not require You to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary. If Norton Family or some of its features are not installed, activated and/or running on Your Child’s mobile phone, we will not have Your Child’s mobile number needed to provide mobile-based services, such as web monitoring, message monitoring, application monitoring and/or location monitoring.

Information We Access or Collect May Include
Norton Family may collect from Your environment, and automatically transmits to Symantec, data, which may include, without limitation:

Norton Family will not allow Your Child to make this information public.

Depending on the region you are located in, we may provide a Text Message Supervision service that blocks or monitors text (“SMS”), multimedia (“MMS”) messages delivered to and from Your Child’s mobile phone as well as a Location Monitoring service.

When You enable the Location Monitoring service, Norton Family will track and collect the geolocation of Your child’s mobile device using GPS. Your consent is required for us to track, collect, use, or disclose Your child’s geolocation. We obtain Your consent through our online portal and confirm Your consent when You enter Your payment card information to purchase this Service with us online. Your account information relating to this service will be deleted. You may revoke Your consent at any time. For more information on how to do so, please see the Data Access section of this Privacy Notice, below.

Once You download the application on Your child’s device, we may collect Your child’s geolocation even when the application is not in use. We will disclose Your child’s geolocation information to You so that You can track the physical location of the device and to Symantec for operational purposes. You may not use our Location Supervision service to monitor any individual at or above the age of 18. If You are a citizen of the EU, You should talk with Your child (especially if Your child is older than 13) and make sure that he or she understands that You will be tracking their geolocation through the use of our Service.

Text Message Supervision: By default, Text Message Supervision is turned off. You must separately turn on the Text Message Supervision and install Norton Family onto Your Child’s mobile device. When activated, the Text Message Supervision collects the following information from Your Child’s device:

  • The mobile phone number of Your Child being monitored and the mobile phone numbers of friends with whom they exchange SMS and MMS communications;
  • The content of the SMS messages exchanged (for MMS exchanges, we will not record or capture any multi-media content exchanged, only that an MMS exchange occurred);
  • The address book name associated with the mobile number, if available;
  • The date/time stamp of the conversation;
  • The location of the Child’s device;
  • The event for MMS messages, but not the multimedia content; and/or
  • An event log of blocked SMS/MMS messages, including name and phone numbers of the parties.

Note: Monitoring SMS and MMS exchanges and/or location and the use of any record of such monitoring may be restricted by local laws applicable to You. We recommend that You inquire with local authorities before activating this feature. Depending on the region You are located in, we may provide a Text Message Supervision service that blocks or monitors text (“SMS”), multimedia (“MMS”) messages delivered to and from Your Child’s mobile phone as well as a Location Monitoring service.

Before starting to monitor SMS or MMS messages that your Child sends and/or receives, we will send an SMS message to Your Child’s mobile phone, alerting Your Child that we are about to record and monitor the content of the SMS or MMS messages that Your Child exchanges. If, after receiving the SMS message, You continue exchanging SMS messages, You will be deemed to have consented to the recording and monitoring of the messaging for the purposes described in this Notice. We will provide the same SMS message alert once a month, every time there is a new conversation.

If You choose to block all SMS or MMS messages or a message with a specific friend, we alert Your Child and send a text message to the friend indicating that messaging is blocked and the message cannot be delivered.

For purposes of this Privacy Statement, “personal information” means information that can be used to reasonably identify an individual. We may also collect Your personal information when You contact us about any Symantec product or service, such as for technical support.

Information Collected and Stored Data (“Stored Data”)
Norton Family collects from Your environment, and stores in Your environment, data, which may include, without limitation:

How We Use Your Transmitted Data or Personal Information (collectively, “Information”)
Transmitted Information may be used as follows:

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide Your personal information or Your Child‘s personal information to any third parties for marketing purposes.

How We Transfer, Store and Disclose Your Information

We are a global organization and may transfer Your Information to other countries, including countries that may have less protective data protection laws than the country in which You are located (including the European Union). For the purposes described in this privacy statement, Your Information (i) is stored in the United States and may be stored and processed manually and/or electronically through global systems and tools; (ii) may be disclosed to vendors or third parties that process data on behalf of Symantec; (iii) may be disclosed in connection with any proposed or actual sale or other transfer of some or all assets of Symantec in the event of a reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of our assets; and/or (iv) may be disclosed as otherwise permitted by You.

To promote research, awareness, detection or prevention of security risks, Symantec may disclose Information to relevant public and private entities such as cybersecurity research organizations and security software vendors. In such cases, we will endeavor to anonymize such information or to minimize any personal information in it to the extent reasonably possible without defeating purposes of security risk research, awareness, detection or prevention.

Subject to applicable laws, Symantec reserves the right to cooperate with any legal process, or any law enforcement or other government inquiry, related to Your use of Norton Family including disclosing Information if relevant to a court subpoena or to a law enforcement or other government investigation, or as otherwise required by our legal obligations.

Refer-A-Friend - We do not store Your friend’s name and email address after the referral email is sent.

Chrome Extension

The Norton Family Chrome Extension will be installed onto Your child’s(ren’s) device(s) when Norton Family is installed. You may also go the Chrome Extensions Web store to download the Norton Family Chrome Extension. Norton Family Chrome Extension requires Norton Family product to be installed to be fully functional.

Automatically Collected Information through Google chrome Extension:

  • Websites visited;
  • Text entered in search engines;
  • Profile name, Profile URL, Age, Profile-ID from user’s Facebook profile; and/or
  • Videos visited from YouTube & Hulu websites.
PII: (captured only from
  • Phone number;
  • Email ID;
  • Social security number (national ID); and/or
  • Other (E.g. Credit Card or other user supplied Personal information).
User supplied personal information will be checked against the webpage contents. If found, only the respective PII field name will be sent to the server and not the actual PII data.

How We Protect Your Information
To protect Information, we have taken reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, organizational and physical security and risk management measures, in accordance with applicable laws.

Your Obligation to Personal Information
It is Your responsibility to ensure that any disclosure by You to Symantec of personal information of Your users or third parties is in compliance with applicable privacy and data security laws, including informing users and third parties that You are providing their personal information to Symantec, informing them of how it will be transferred, used or processed, and gathering appropriate consents and other legal measures required for such transfer, use or processing.

Data Access
Under certain circumstances, You may be able to request to access, update, correct or remove personal information we have about You or Your child. Update Your account here: We may retain certain Information if necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse or as otherwise required or permitted by law.

Contact Us
Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Symantec Corporation - Privacy Program Office
350 Ellis Street
P.O. Box 7011
Mountain View, CA 94043

If You are located in the European Economic Area, please:
Write to us:
Symantec Limited-Care of the UK and Ireland Legal Team
350 Brook Drive
Green Park, Reading, Berkshire, England, RG2 6UH

Changes To This Privacy Notice
We reserve the right to revise or modify this Privacy Notice and will note the date of its most recent revision above. If we make significant changes to this Privacy Notice, and where required by applicable law, we will either notify You either by prominently posting a notice of such changes prior to implementing the changes or by directly sending You a notification.